A wide range of door frame and threshold configurations enables to find the best solution for various situations in both new and renovated buildings. All products feature CE marking. Fire resistance options range from EI30 to EI60, resistance to breaking and entering – RC3. Sound insulation – 41 dB, heath transfer coefficient – 1.5 W(m2.K). Colour coating based on RAL and NCS palettes. Featuring various Scandinavian and European locks. We produce standard and custom-made double doors with glass, extensions width and height-wise.

Main properties

Burglar resistance
EI230 / EI260
Fire resistance
Sa S200
Smoke resistance
41 dB
Sound insulation
1.5 W/(m2·K)
Thermal transmittance

About product

Steel Construction

The pane is made of galvanized 1 mm steel without welding seams, filled with dense, glued mineral wool. 3 adjustable hinges, steel or oak threshold. The door frame is made of galvanised 1.5 mm steel, featuring installation and adjustment bolts. To make it more stable during installation, the door frame is welded. Features an inserted (not glued) gasket and mineral wool filling.

L profile oak treshhold, dimenssions: height 120 – 250 mm, width 110 mm, length 1010 mm. Steel treshold can be used in doors also.

Door leaf and door frame are filled with heat and sound insulation material, accordingly: door leaf – mineral wool PAROC CEL50, 58 mm thickness (PAROC CEL50C, „Paroc Oy Ab“, Finland) and door frame – Paroc Extra (PAROC extra, „Paroc Oy Ab“, Finland).

Door is with adjustable steel architraves: corner arch. 50mm x 20mm, corner arch. 30mm x 20mm and flat arch. 50mm.

Door panels available in RAL and NCS colour palettes.