MISSION – to be a reliable partner in the production of high-quality various types of exterior, armored-security, metal, technical and interior doors for customers. By manufacturing doors and providing services related to their operation, we contribute to the country’s economic prosperity, improvement of the quality of life and efficient use of natural and energy resources.

VISION – Asmodas is a Lithuanian capital company established in the global armored security market. Its success is determined by the use of the latest technologies, which increase the value of the company and employee job satisfaction.

Asmodas applies high standards of business ethics in accordance with all state and construction industry standards, laws and regulations. The employees of UAB Asmodas realize that we are responsible for satisfying the needs of our customers by producing quality products and providing quality door installation and maintenance services, and for a safe and healthy work environment.
We take responsibility and are committed to:

  • focus its activities on meeting customer needs and expectations,
  • build relationships with their partners based on mutual trust and knowledge sharing,
  • apply the principles of continuous improvement and pollution prevention in the company’s activities, modernize and improve technological processes and products, taking into account technological progress, customer needs and activities of other interested organizations, the country’s expectations and potential impact on the environment,
  • set the objectives of the quality and environmental management system and allocate the necessary resources to achieve the objectives,
  • to continuously monitor, control and improve the efficiency of the company’s quality and environmental management systems, meeting the needs of customers and exceeding their expectations, economical use of natural resources,
  • to ensure that the activities performed by the company comply with the applicable laws, other regulatory enactments, instructions, required permits and other quality and environmental requirements of the Republic of Lithuania,
  • to strive to form an organizational culture in which each employee, within the limits of his or her competence, takes responsibility for the quality of work performed, the improvement of quality and the protection of the environment,
  • carry out activities to reduce the negative impact on the environment – rational use of tools and technologies, constant search for efficient, new working methods, technologies, equipment, materials,
  • Inform the public, authorities and other stakeholders about the company’s activities.

Director Jonas Kairaitis
Gargždai, 2019 September 3