The special structural flexibility of the doors allows us to integrate the most advanced performance and ambitious design solutions in the same doors. That is why our composite doors have quickly gained the trust of our customers, to whom the exceptional appearance of the doors is important, while maintaining high standards of quality and reliability – to architects, construction and restoration companies, and construction project developers.

Architects search for easy-to-implement solutions for their exterior or interior design. And construction project developers know that they will be able to execute their innovative projects exactly according to the architect’s idea, without lowering the level on either product quality or reliability.

The composite door, which easily adapts to the historical context, becomes a real discovery for companies engaged in restoration, which easily gain the impression of the authenticity of old doors in a new construction. At the same time, it gives a modern door with easy and safe operation.

In order to gain the highest level of confidence in our product, we test our composite doors not only for compliance with mandatory EU standards, but also for the specific requirements of each country or region. We deliberately choose the highest-reputed EU certification institutes, which trust companies and organizations that value quality and reliability.

Collaboration opportunities

UAB Asmodas is a globally operating company developing business relationships in 3 key directions:

  • With suppliers that can offer high quality, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly raw materials.
  • With company representatives (partners) who undertake to sell our products and / or provide high quality installation services.
  • With clients, usually construction project developers, architects or old building restoration specialists, homeowners who need doors that easily can adapt to the surrounding environment and design solutions, at the same time be qualitative, functional and reliable.

Code of Business Ethics

UAB Asmodas applies the highest standards of business ethics, consistently complying with the requirements of all states and European Union laws and regulations and International Conventions.

Our company sincerely expects the same from our suppliers, agents, customers, business partners. Anyone wishing to develop business relations with UAB Asmodas must adhere to the principles of responsible business as set in the document of Code of Conduct (CC), which is signed between the parties in the cooperation.

In the CC document business partners commits to develop their business in such a way that the following essential requirements are consistently met in their production and implementation process:

  • to ensure that the production process and the manufactured products are environmentally friendly;
  • not violate and prevent violations of human rights, children’s rights and workers’ rights;
  • respect anti-corruption and bribe prevention policies.
Exporting globaly to more than 15 countries.
Cooperation with PEAB, one of Sweden's largest construction companies, begins.
Launches a new automated production line with Prima Power production machines for precision quality and multiplied capacity.
Company enters Finnish market.
Participation in the program of technological eco-innovations under the EU funds instrument “ECO-Innovations LT+” begins.
Exceptional project in far Island of Martinique Island.
Manufacturing and warehouse space expands to 6,000 sqm.
Company turnover exceeded 5 million EUR.
The first renovation project in Denmark was completed, exceeding 1000 units of doors delivered and installed.
The company enters Denmark market, the export geography has expanded to 9 countries.
Company participates regularly in the most prestigious Western European Construction Exhibitions, such as BATIMAT (Paris, France), BatiBouw (Brussels, Belgium).
The company is certified according to the ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 standard for the environmental management system.
With the help of the EU funds instrument “E-Verslas LT”, an automated business management system is being implemented.
The company employs more than 100 people.
Successful introduction to the international Western community at the prestigious Building Exhibition NordBygg (Stockholm, Sweden), opening the way to the Scandinavian market.
Our doors started to have CE marking - complying with EU quality standards.
Company enters Swedish market.
First participation in an international trade show (Baku, Kazakhstan) which introduces the company to new markets in Eastern Europe.
Launch of a new production line for sheet steel processing.
Doors Lyder F45 awarded fire protection certificate.
The company moves to new premises.
The first doors of UAB "Asmodas" are manufactured
The company is established

Quality control

Quality control in our company starts with the selection of quality raw materials and the inspection of the delivered batches. Each batch of raw materials received is checked for conformity with the certificates provided by the supplier, real dimensions, status of the goods, irregularities. Therefore, we choose only reliable suppliers, whose raw materials are not in doubt, and we can always be assured of the high quality of our product. To ensure that the supply chain is never interrupted, we have several suppliers for each raw material that can produce the same quality output.

The principal axis of quality control – the unique door code, which is assigned to a specific door design and all components from the very first manufacturing process and is visible not only to the manufacturer but also to the user. Why is the same code important to both of them?

The code allows the manufacturer to track the quality of his product during the manufacturing process.
For the user, this code greatly makes life easy during usage of the door.

DURING THE MANUFACTURING PROCESS, each door passes 4 stages of quality inspection. Each of these stages has a responsible person who verifies the quality requirements of the work at a particular stage. All verification data is logged in a special e-log and can be traced back to the door code. All stages of the inspection are controlled by the Quality Inspector responsible for the verification processes and the quality of the final product.

Phase 1

Door metal structure welding. The responsible person checks the geometry of the door and the strength of the welds.

Phase 2

Powder painting. The person in charge checks the coating thickness.

Phase 3

Door assembly. It completes the whole product and therefore tests the functionality of all the components.

Phase 4

When the complete product is placed on the test bench, the quality inspector assesses the quality of the final product. The rating system consists of 23 requirements.

DURING OPERATION, the USER can quickly and accurately select additional accessories or door components to suit the door he is purchasing.

Our doors are durable. What you won’t say about interiors or exteriors: changing fashions, trends, tastes. Our door design flexibility allows you to adapt your old door to any new style or colour solution by changing only the door components – trim panels and fittings. And the unique door code allows you to do it quickly, precisely and at the lowest cost.

The unique door code prevents headaches from changing when a homeowner changes old lock. All you have to do is enter the code, and in a moment, you will be able to choose the right one for your door, which will save you from breaking or other damaging procedures.

Many manufacturers boast that their doors are durable. But only our doors have a realistic prospect of being operated indefinitely.

Exporting to more than 15 countries in Europe

Including English, Swedish, Danish, French, and Spanish speaking countries...