In order to gain the highest level of confidence in our product, we test our composite doors not only to meet the highest EU standards, but also to meet the specific requirements of each country or region. We deliberately choose well-known certification companies of good repute that are trusted by companies, organizations and even public authorities in the country or region that value high quality and reliability.

RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden

Sweden's most influential research institute, which realistically formulates the Swedish government's policy on innovation, competitive and sustainable growth in Sweden. Performs testing and technical evaluation of materials, individual components as well as system solutions. SP certificate issued in 2018. Of certain door models. Audited annually.

SBSC (Sweden)

Certification company operating in Sweden for 20 years in the field of fire protection and burglary prevention. Certificates activities of companies and people, products. Seeks to make certification an important part of quality and safety assurance. SBSC certificate issued in 2018. Of certain door models. Specifically, for burglary. Audited annually.

SVANEN (Sweden)

The product is listed in the housing product portal and can be used in Nordic Ecolabelled construction; Database of products and services that meet the Nordic Green House requirements. Today, it contains data on 20,000 different products and services. Certain products are registered. Registered in 2019.

BVB (Sweden)

Evaluation of construction materials based on the chemical composition of the product and its life cycle aspect. All BVBs assessments are based on criterias on chemical content and life cycle aspects. BVB is a non-profit association of owners of the largest real estate and construction companies in Sweden, which encourages all entrepreneurs in the construction industry to choose their suppliers in a responsible manner and to monitor their raw materials and products for environmental and sustainable environmental sustainability. For certain door models, 2019.

KIWA INSPECTA (Nordic countries)

“Kiwa Inspecta” — Ranked in the top 20 of the world's most trusted Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) companies. By providing certification, inspection, testing, training and technology services, the company builds trust in the products, services, processes, management systems, and employees of the customers being tested. This is done in various market segments, from construction and energy supply to drinking water, healthcare, food, feed and farm. All Asmodas products. Certified by KIWA Inspecta.

CNPP (France)

Certification of human skills and competences, industrial products, services and management systems. Certificates issued by CNPP Cert. is like a recognition passport, trusted by all stakeholders: safety professionals, consumers, opinion formers, insurance and even public authorities. Certain products. Tests performed 2015. Audited annually.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (DNV GL)

ISO 9001 (DNV GL) — Quality Management System Standard. Certified 2013. Updated 2015. Audited annually. ISO 14001 (DNV GL) — Standard for Environmental Management System. Certified 2013. Updated 2015. Audited annually. DNV GL — one of the leading accredited management systems certification bodies. Using Next Generation Risk Based Certification method, DNV GL assesses system compliance with international standards, measures how core systems support business processes leading to long-term sustainable development, and ensures a smooth transition to the new versions of the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

GTC (Lithuania fire research center)

Fire Protection Center (GTC) of the Fire and Rescue Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania. As a testing organization, GTC is actively involved in the certification of construction products. Conduct flammability and fire resistance tests on materials and products using internationally recognized test methods and perform conformity assessment of construction products.

KTU (Kaunas University of Technology)

Largest testing laboratory in Lithuania. We do most types of testing.


We became a member-supplier of SundaHus i Linköping AB. SundaHus i Linköping AB (publ) was established in 1990. As a better indoor environmental consulting company, it is still a leading player in the selection of conscious materials today. The company has carefully evaluated our composite doors LSC (2020.06.16) and steel doors DSA (2021.01.25) with a high B class rating, which declares that the product meets the Swedish requirements of E1. We are the second company in Lithuania to declare and meet the Sundahus product requirements.


ANPI Division Certification independently verifies the conformity of a component or service with Belgian, European and international standards. This conformity is attested by the affixing of the quality marks BENOR-ATg. BENOR is a quality label that is well known and recognised in Belgium. BENOR provides the certainty that the building products supplied have undergone an in-depth in-house quality assurance check, supervised by an independent external inspection body.