Door installation

Proper installation of the door is a very important factor in the quality and durability of the door. It goes without saying that the specific construction of our doors, which consists of many components and combines different performance characteristics, requires some specific knowledge when installing them.

Door installation

Door installation conditions are discussed at the time of purchase. The customer chooses one of two options.

  • To order a fitting team for our company or our authorized dealers.
  • Request a training course where our specialists teach the installation tricks to a contractor brigade.

This does not mean that the installation of the door is very difficult and complicated. Experienced professionals understand the subtleties right away and enjoy working with our product. Simply, for a good job you need to be aware of all the nuances of installation. After all, we are talking about a versatile product, where a mounting error can negate it’s specificity.

Ordering a training team or training course is determined by the customer’s choice and our team’s schedule. This is often influenced by the size of the facility, implementation times, specific agreements with construction contractors, and other conditions that determine the cost of services.