The privacy policy defines the security and processing methods of the personal data of the customers processed by JSC Asmodas. It also regulates the rules that JSC Asmodas undertakes to follow when processing, collecting and storing customers’ personal data. The privacy policy specifies possible restrictions on the services provided and the principles of the use of cookies.

Security and processing of customers’ personal data

JSC Asmodas ensures the security and confidentiality of the customer’s personal data, undertakes to process and store them without violating the customer’s right to privacy, and to disclose them to third parties only if JSC Asmodas is obliged to do so by law or due to non-compliance with customer obligations. The customer’s personal data may be entrusted only to the employees of JSC Asmodas entitled to process them and only for the purposes related to the acquisition of goods, delivery, preparation of invoices or provision of information.

Customer Personal Data Policy

UAB Asmodas collects, processes and stores the customer’s personal data only in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and the Law on Personal Data Protection, without violating them. The storage of the customer’s personal data does not exceed the time necessary for the provision of services.

Use of cookies

JSC Asmodas informs customers that cookies can be installed on their devices while browsing the website. This is done only for the purpose of tracking website traffic statistics and to identify users who are not visiting the website for the first time.

Possible restrictions on the services provided

JSC Asmodas reserves the right not to provide services or sell goods if there are doubts about the customer’s age or he refuses to provide the consents of the persons responsible for him to purchase this goods.

We will answer all questions by contacting the contacts indicated by JSC Asmodas.