Workflow automation and robotization is a key competitive factor that becomes crucial for small businesses like ours to establish themselves in the global world and offer high value-added products. The desire to offer the world market a quality product at a competitive price encourages us to continually seek new technological solutions that increase work efficiency and reduce costs.

Automated sheet steel machining line with integrated folding robot

Prima Power Industry 4.0 has taken the manufacturing, production management and quality control process to a whole new level. This ultra-high-performance production line, part of the fourth generation of digital technologies, combines the control of production mechanisms, human activities and production processes in a single platform.

By providing a continuous flow of information about production processes and maximizing the operation of production mechanisms, this line of exceptional power enables precision accuracy to be achieved and minimizes the risk of error. This allows even a few large orders to be executed in record time. That increases production volume while maintaining high product quality.


Handmade craftsmanship – handicraft. Thanks to the experienced and highly skilled craftsmen – carpenters, welders, millers – we can skillfully combine innovative machining technologies with a long tradition of craftsmanship. Some of the old woodworking experience goes back even to medieval craft traditions. Although most refer to the European 18th-20th centuries craft. Without high craftsmanship, the ability of our doors to blend perfectly with the historic environment of the entire building, giving a complete impression of authenticity, is hard to imagine.

That is why the work of our craftsmen becomes invaluable in participating in the reconstruction of historic buildings in European cities. Whether installing new homes next to them, when it comes to linking the new building with a pristine environment.