Training can be of several types:

  • Installation of new doors;
  • Replacement of fittings;
  • Replacement of finishing panels;
  • Remote consultation.

The qualitative advantage of our doors, which allows us to combine many performance features into a single door modular design, inevitably challenges the need to be more demanding to install such doors. This demand is realized through special training that we organize for potential installers of our doors. The training is usually organized by the door customers, who hires specialists brigade for the installation of the new door.

Training lasts one day. Training is usually at real (not simulation) construction object, where our doors is already delivered and ready for installation. One day is more the sufficient to absorb the installation specifics. All other issues that occurs during installation of doors and occurs seldomly can successfully be discussed on distance, by phone, Skype and etc.

Fitting and finishing panel replacement training deals with door renewal options.

Whatever will happen to our produced doors – unhappy incident in the construction site or moral depreciation over time – as long as UNDAMAGED bearing structure, there is no need to change the whole door. It is enough to upgrade the trim panels or other fittings. Exchange operations the installer can carry out as well, after passing our special training. Mounting plate and fittings replacement special features, does the ones that have already participated in the installation training, have to master.