Tech Flow 2024 Tech Flow 2024
2024 March 12–14

Tech Flow 2024

Technology Center Seinäjoki, Finland

Asmodas Manufacturing Director Mantas Valaitis and Chief Engineer for steel line solutions Simonas Skerus visited the PrimaPower Tech Flow 2024 event held on March 12-14 in FINLAND Technology Center Seinäjoki.

The event presented solutions to provide companies with modular and high-performing technologies that support companies with growth in the field of steel door production. The Technologies on display during the event were:

  • Flexible Manufacturing System — Automatic manufacturing line with punching & shearing unit and automatic panel bender. 
  • Punching and laser cutting combined machines — Combining punching & laser cutting, and much more, in one machine. 
  • 2D laser cutting – Highly productive 2D laser cutting machine integrated with a clever and flexible picking and stacking robot to automate 2D laser material flow.
  • Press brake – Prima Power eP Genius consists of the integration of the servo-electric eP 1030 with one automatic tool change storage. 
  • Storage solution – Leading technology automatic storage solution for flexible manufacturing systems.

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